Immortal: Unchained Is A Dark Souls Inspired Game With Guns

Immortal Unchained is an action RPG shooter planned for release in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The developers, Toadman Interactive, made the announcement through PlayStation's US blog and gave a few details on the game.

The game is set in a dark sci-fi universe and the game is greatly inspired by games such as the Dark Souls series. In short, they are planning to make Immortal a punishing action RPG with guns as the twist.

"Take aim and shoot down your foes, as they try to do the same in thrilling close-to-medium range encounters." says Sebastian, Game Designer from Toadman Interactive. " It’s far from a reflex shooter, though. Mobility, attack direction and well-timed dodges are crucial for your survival and victory. Expect to get shot down a lot; just like its sources of inspiration, this isn’t an easy game. The satisfaction you feel when you evade an enemy attack to fire a burst of hot lead (or plasma, or acid, etc.) into its backside cortex and watch it go up in flames will make it worth it."

 The player will be protected by something called the Monolith, which is an ancient structure that can restore you when you die. Just like similar action RPG games, the resources you've gained will drop when you die. So expect the process of finding where you died to recover what you've lost without dying again.


Souls-like is an interesting sub genre that was born from the success of From Software's Souls franchise. Since the success of Demon's Souls on the PS3, we've seen a series of sequels, that despite the punishing difficulty has gained a community of fans itching for more games like it. Since then, other action RPGs took notes on what made the souls franchise appealing, applying a punishing yet rewarding experience to their games.  Games such as Nioh, The Surge, and Lords of the Fallen are just some of the games that were inspired by what From Software has released. 

There's only a brief moment where we see gameplay footage of Immortal Unchained, but expect more details from Toadman interactive with their action RPG with guns.