You Can Now Buy Games On Twitch

When it comes to Twitch(a streaming website mostly filled with gamers live-streaming what they are playing), it's a place to not only get entertainment but to have a good idea if a specific game is something worth buying by seeing someone play it. Now, if you do head over to someone's channel and like the game they are currently playing, you can buy the game digitally right there, if it's available of course. 

Starting today, now has 50 games for purchase. Twitch doesn't sell only titles though, in-game content is also available for sale, and any purchase of at least $4.99 nets buyers a Twitch Crate for their account. These crates will contain badges, emotes, and more. If you want to invest in these Twitch Crates, Twitch is hosting a crate giveaway that will last until may. More details about the giveaway can be found here.

With this new setup, streamers that are partnered with Twitch and are also playing the game on sale will receive 5 percent of the proceeds if bought in their channel, with 70 percent going to the developers of the game. 

This feature is a big step up in digital sales and we'll see in the coming months if this picks up nicely with viewers as another way to not only support their favorite streamer, but support the developers. One issue is the launchers required to play these games - Some games will require the Twitch Desktop App, while some will require their respective launcher, like for example Ubisoft games, we'll need to use Uplay.