Prey's Latest Trailer Highlights The many Gadgets In The Game

Consider Prey's latest trailer as an introduction to your arsenal, or rather, a glimpse of some of the options that will help you survive the horrors that surround you. 

Prey is a First Person shooter on paper but based on the setting and gameplay, it's on the same line as Bioshock and System Shock. There's many tools at your disposal, and i'm starting to see the appeal of mixing abilities and equipment to progress through the game. From the GLOO Cannon to the ability to morph into any object(you can turn into a mug), the possibilities are exciting. 

But of course, if you are more of a gung-ho kind of player, you could always shoot your way to victory, the basic pump action shotgun seems as effective to the dangerous organisms that plague Talos-1.

Prey releases on May 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A very quiet month compared to the crazy first quarter we just had this year.