Final Fantasy XV's Chapter 13 Gets A Couple Of Changes In The Latest Update

Remember chapter 13 in Final Fantasy XV? Well, if you haven't played it we won't spoil anything, but there's a reason why they had to add a few things in this particular part of the game. The March update, called Chapter 13, Verse 2, improves that section of the game, hopefully answering a couple of questions regarding the characters Ravus and Iedolas.

Also, mot sure why we want to reach higher places with the chocobos but now we can thanks to this update, poor birds must be freaking out. 

In any case, it's impressive how the Final Fantasy XV team are still at it in adding improvements to the game. 

They are nowhere close to done too, they are hard at work on the story DLC's, with the first one, Episode Gladiolus, coming out today, March 28. 

In our review of the game, we are quite happy with the latest entry in the Final Fantasy series, and it's great that they are staying consistent in giving players more reason to revisit Lucis.