Destiny 2 Officially Announced By Bungie

Destiny 2 Logo

Update 2: Here's the worldwide reveal trailer, check it out above. Destiny 2 will be out on September 8, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Update: A big worldwide reveal is coming on March 30 based on the Facebook video posted by Bungie showing Cayde-9, a character in the game, getting a drink before he "gets back to it". 

With a simple image posted on Facebook by Bungie, it's official - Destiny 2 is coming. 

That's a big two, and is that the Last City burning with the Traveller blocking the sun? In any case, Bungie hasa begun ramping up the reveal of the sequel to Destiny, which Game Informer reports, is slated for a fall release this year.

We've had an on and off relationship with Destiny. It's an interesting game that has taken a couple of interesting steps in the game's design. For one, it's repetitive nature has created a strong following thanks for the players need to earn the best loot possible. 

For active players of Destiny, VG247 reports that your progression and loot won't carry over to the sequel, but your character creation will.