TMG Podcast Episode 181 - There's Always A Lighthouse

TMG Podcast 181V01.jpg

For the last episode of the year 2017, Carlos, Miggy, and Matthew record the last episode before hitting the Christmas break at a coffee shop. We talk about 2017 as a whole, the amazing first quarter in terms of games, the success of the Nintendo Switch, local events, and controversies that make this a great year for the industry. 


2017 as a whole - it's amazing first quarter, and how possible it is to have a good amount of release titles spread out nicely to cover the whole year.

Events and Beyond - how fast the local events here in the Philippines which are attracting companies from abroad, as well as international events such as the PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards giving us a taste of what's coming in 2018.

The success of the Nintendo Switch - Not even a year old, 10 million sales for the new Nintendo console makes us excited for the future since we are seeing all three big companies at their strongest, making 2018 a year to watch out for. 

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