Valkyria Chronicles 4 Announced For PS4, Xbox One, and Switch


If you are hoping for a proper entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series, here you go. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch and is planned for a worldwide release in 2018.

Just like previous entries, Valkyria Chronicles 4 is set in a fictional Europe during World War II. It will be the good old turn-based strategy gameplay mixed in with some third-person shooting. 

This is what SEGA has given to describe the new entry and it features:

It is the year 1935 EC…

The continent of Europa is engulfed in the flames of the Second Europan War between the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance. Although the Federation struggles valiantly against the Empire’s forces, the relentless imperial military machine threatens to consume them. With victory slipping away, the Federation executes Operation Northern Cross: a last-ditch attempt to capture the imperial capital and end the war.

Commander Claude Wallace and his loyal childhood friends in Squad E are sent to fight for the desperate operation’s success, but they will have to endure harsh bone-chilling elements, waves of imperial soldiers, and the terrifying Valkyria… and unravel a grave truth that will shake them to the core.

Key Features

A Coming-of-Age Story in a Time of War – Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place in the same timeframe as the original Valkyria Chronicles, but focuses on a whole new cast of main characters. Players will take command of the eager, young Commander Claude Wallace, engineer/heavy weapons extraordinaire Riley Miller, hotheaded Darcsen Raz, ice-cold ace sniper Kai Schulen, and more. Together, they will experience the painful realities of war–but will the bonds of Squad E’s friendships survive the frozen battlefield?

The Next Generation “BLiTZ” Battle System – The part overhead turn-based strategy, part RPG, and part real-time 3rd person shooter “BLiTZ” battle system returns to the field. New features include an explosive new class called the Grenadier, numerous offensive/defensive battleship support options, chances for a unit to have a “Last Stand” action before death, and more. Plus, fight the imperial threat with more units on larger-scale maps than ever before.

CANVAS Aesthetics – The series’ signature hand-drawn visual style is back and overhauled for the newest generation. Inspired by watercolor compositions, the CANVAS Graphics Engine blends visual elements of reality and imagination to create an expressive world filled with colorful emotions. Watch the journey of Squad E unfold like an interactive painting!

The Return of a Legendary Composer – The illustrious Hitoshi Sakimoto, original composer of the Valkyria Chronicles series and countless other emotional epics, returns to provide a sweeping orchestral soundtrack for the game.

This is a proper entry in the series since the release of Valkyria Chronicles III back in 2011. The first game, Valkyria Chronicles, was released in 2008 for the PS3. Then, two sequels were released but were only available on Sony's PlayStation Portable, with the third game being released only in Japan. Valkyria Revolution was released January of this year and is considered as a spinoff title, taking a more action RPG approach compared to the turn-based strategy gameplay found in past games. 

An official website for the game is now up highlighting the trailer that you see above.