Rainbow Six: Siege's Next Update Adds Three New Operators

Ubisoft is not slowing down at all with their shooter Rainbow Six: Siege. Their new update titled White Noise adds three new operators, and with three new operators, that means three new gadgets to change the way you defend or attack your objective.

Rainbow Six: Siege updates are themed under a specific country. For White Noise, it's South Korea.

The first operator is called Dokkaebi, and she hacks operator's phone to reveal their location. A loud noise will trigger and the operator must manually turn off his/her phone to prevent any more attention in her location. She can also hack phones of dead operators, giving your team access to the defenders cameras. Of course to counter this, the defenders can destroy a dead operator's phone to prevent any change of hacking. 

Vigil is defender with the ability to cloak himself from cameras and drones. There are visual ques alarming players that Vigil is nearby but that's all you get, really. it's a stealth ability against tech that turns off the moment you use your weapon or destroy the environment. Then. we have Zofia rocking a grenade launcher with different kinds of ammo for it. But that's not all, apparently, she has the ability to get up from a downed-state once per round with only one life point remaining. A cool perk that will force enemies to apply the double tap rule on Zofia always. 

The new map is called Tower and based on the video the map is all about its verticality. Check out the map below.

No details were given as to when Operation White Noise goes live.

More Content Coming

White Noise is part of the Year 2 content planned for Rainbow Six: Siege and it's crazy how successful this multiplayer-focused shooter has become. In Steam Charts alone,  there are 33,035 average players with a peak of 90K in the last 30 days. Ubisoft also created a blog post revealing that there are now 20 million registered players and around 2 million players across all platforms. Year 3 of content is definitely coming to Siege with Operation Chimera planned next year. Two new operators from France and Russia are coming and are biohazard specialists. No new map is planned but an event called Breakout. No other details aside from that but expect something during the Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational event happening in February 2018.

Rainbow Six: Siege currently has 30 available operators and 16 maps. The base game started off with 20 operators and while all maps released are given free to all players, new operators are purchased with the in-game currency or through your hard earned cash. 

Rainbow Six: Siege was released on December 1, 2015 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.