Steam Sale Dates For Halloween, Black Friday and Winter Revealed


The final three sale dates of the year have been revealed for the PC's most popular online digital retailer. The information was first posted on Reddit before being removed due to lack of a verified source.

However, not long after Eurogamer independently corroborated the information with their own sources. It's still technically rumor, since Valve has yet to announce the dates for such sales, but then Valve very rarely announces sale dates ahead of time any more, preferring largely to take player's wallets and savings by surprise.

So, unless things change, below are the dates when you can expect the Steam sales for the remainder of the year to go live.

  • Steam Halloween Sale: October 26 – November 1
  • Steam Black Friday Sale: November 22 – November 28
  • Steam Winter Sale: December 24 – January 4, 2018

All pricing will last through the duration of the sale. In the fall of 2015, Steam stopped doing flash deals and last chance offers, meaning if it's been a while since you're last buying binge, you won't have to worry about staying up all night and checking in constantly to get the best deals.