Overwatch 3v3 Strategy That Sort Of Feels Disgusting

Overwatch has a 3v3 mode and every now and then we'll be required to play such a mode to earn those oh so satisfying loot box. With Miggy, Emile from Emile in the Morning at Night, and Migs from Nubs in Cubes, they organized a composition that's so disgusting that they might need a few hours to collect themselves after playing with such a team. 

Spoiler alert - it's beatable but the composition sort of destroys the point of such a mode, or does it compliment it? You be the judge by checking out their shenanigans below. 

Overwatch implemented an Arcade mode recently together with the release of their new offensive hero named Sombra. Arcade consists of a variety of game modes from no limit heroes, 3v3 mode, Heroes Brawl, and more, with the opportunity of earning a limited amount of lootboxes by winning in specific game modes each week.