No Man's Sky Foundation Update Patch Notes Released

Hello Games have have been quite silent since the release of their ambitious game No Man's Sky, and for good reason. Now, the developers has announced the Foundation Updated, a patch that will add a series of new features such as base building, new game modes, as well as a fix a good number of bugs that have been affecting the game since launch.

The Foundation Update is quite large in terms of features and fixes. Base Building, new resources, game modes and the likes are coming in this 1.1 update. There are three game modes once the update hits: "Normal" is the game you currently remember when it was release, "Creative" is a mode with no limitations, giving the players more freedom in terms of exploration and building. While "Survival" mode is what seems to be a more challenging experience. 

The last update was around September. A big game for a game that has been getting a series of negative reception and cases against this space exploration game. We believe the ship has sailed and the damage has been done, but this extensive amount of features added to the game might raise some eyebrows on what No Man's Sky can be in the future.