Uncharted 3 - Does it Earning a Perfect Review Score Matter That Much??

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Uncharted 3 is out tom(November 1) and game reviews from big gaming websites have been up for two weeks now. Drake's next adventure has been getting mostly near perfect score. Some gave it perfect scores, while some didn't. These near perfect scores, pissed off so many Uncharted 3 fans calling it BS, acting as if this hyped up game received a horrible score and thinks that the reviewer believes it's a bad game. Did we all want this game to be perfect that much??? 

I honestly don't care. I'm not buying Uncharted 3 because it's going to be a perfect game, I want it because it's Drake's next adventure. So it made me think, does that score towards the end of the review matter that much? does it actually give you second thoughts of the game when you haven't actually read the full review? or even played it? Let's face it, most of us do go straight to the end to see the score, I too have that urge. G4's Adam Sessler reviewed Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, is why some people think about the review score too much. The reactions on the game earning a 4/5 was hilarious. Everybody was shocked and some sounded like they don't trust G4's crew in reviewing games. Didn't you want their opinion in the game?

One comment said that G4 gave Dance Central a 5/5 while Uncharted 3 get's a 4/5 and says it's BS. huh? Those are two completely different games, why are you comparing a dancing game with an adventure game? I read the review coming from G4, and it was a good and honest review. He compared Uncharted 2: Among Thieves with Uncharted 3, and that's to be expected. Naughty Dog raised the bar so damn high that even after I finished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves I even wondered if a sequel can top this. For him, he believes Uncharted 2 was a better game and Uncharted 3 was overshadowed by the second game. there we're issues in the sequel that prevented him from giving it that precious 5/5.

An honest opinion coming from someone who played the game. It earned a 4/5 in the end of the review, a 95/100 for some. A near perfect score, and gamer's are still unhappy. The game isn't even out and people have their own opinion in the game. Most of their reactions are coming from the score rather from what the reviewer actually said about the game. It's completely different when you've actually finished the game and think you don't agree with the reviewer's opinion. When you haven't even played the game and insist it needs a perfect score, and he's wrong, well that's just dumb.

A game worth a perfect score. That's what people expect Naughty Dog to produce now thanks to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The bigger problem is people's trusting over that review score more than the actual review.  Some gamer's at times don't have the attention span anymore to actually sit down and read someones opinion in the game - Where it lacks, what they love about it. A lot jump to the score and judge the game and the reviewer instantly based on it. The score is just a score, and we forget that. It's one of the factor's in one person's opinion towards the game. The purpose of actually opening a review to get someone's opinion sometimes get ruined thanks to the score at the end.

The reactions towards Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is a bit too much if you ask me. It still sounds like an amazing game. Don't let that score in the end ruin your need for Nathan Drake's next adventure. I will be on a hunt for a day one purchase of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception tomorrow, hoping it comes out on time here in the Philippines.


The Big Game List - Games to look out for this month and the next[Part1]

Backlog screenshot October is finally here. Actually, its been here for a while now, but it really hit me when I picked up Dark Souls on October 4 and went MIA for  a week because of it. Why is October and November so important? well because these are the months that have a huge number of triple A titles coming to us gamers. In production for a long time, but announced a year ago, these are the games to look out for, or you should consider to buy if you have those extra bucks lying around your house.

August and September was pretty big too with titles such as Deus Ex, Gears of War 3, Resistance 3, Dead Island, and a couple more hitting the shelves, but I think this month and the next beats that completely.


RAGE - Playstation 3, PC, Xbox 360

Release Date: October 4, 2011 (Out now)

If you want a new game that isn't a sequel or has a number after its title, here ya go. It's a First Person Shooter(FPS) title worth giving a shot. If you like the classic FPS games such as Doom, Quake, and the really old Wolfenstein 3D, this is going to be a winner for you. Well, because the creators of those series is the makers of Rage. It's been awhile since Id Software has come out and created an entirely new title and they worked on it for years. First announcement? in Quakecon 2007 as a tech demo for id Softwares new game engine id Tech 5.

Now, compared to the tech video four years ago, the game had huge changes which looked and feels better each time they showed it up until release. id Tech 5 is a pretty amazing game engine and is fairly new. Rage is the first game to be released using this tech and if your thinking the graphics looks amazing, its thanks to this new engine.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world with mutants and thugs that roam the wasteland. The game is similar to Fallout and Borderlands and people have the confusion of what the game is thanks to this. It's similar to Fallout 3 and Borderlands because of the setting and its RPG elements, but it's not like those games. It's still an FPS at heart but borrowed some RPG elements to keep things interesting. There are no leveling and skills, but there is a currency system, inventory, and the ability to create and upgrade your weapons. Those are the RPG elements of Rage. The game looks like an open world but again its an FPS at heart, so it's not 'open' compared to Fallout 3 or Borderlands

Not everything went smooth during launch though. Because of it being a new game engine, the PC version witness a huge amount of issues like crashes, graphic glitches that frustrated a lot of gamers. Graphic card companies and id Software had to release an update to the cards drivers and patch up the game. Console versions had crashes and issues but not as severe as the PC version since they had to update their drivers too.

Game's already out around the world. I'd suggest PC gamers to get this game, but I think you should check if the coast is clear before grabbing a copy for yourself.


Should we consider it? -  When we hear FPS, they're talking about Halo, Call of Duty, or Battlefield. FPS is really about the multiplayer aspect nowadays. I honestly miss FPS focused solely on the first player campaign. A lot will have the first impression of passing this game since it doesn't have a competitive multiplayer, but it does have multiplayer, just not the one you're expecting. They have car combat similar to Twisted Metal which I bet will be hard to swallow. The only FPS multiplayer they have is the co-op mode which is you and a friend survive waves of enemies. The shooting mechanic is the best in the genre and fans of the post-apocalyptic setting will appreciate how amazing the world of Rage looks. Rage is one of the best looking games out now. Don't get Rage because it reminded you of Fallout or Borderlands, buy it because you want an FPS focused on the single player campaign. In the end you never know, you might come out as a fan all of a sudden.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls - Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Release Date: October 4(Out now)

This game is for gamers that WANT a challenge, and also to all those RPG junkies looking for a game that could grab 100 hours of your life. It's marketed as the hardest game you'll ever encounter in this generation, and It's true. Dark Souls' is an indirect sequel to From Software's Demon Souls. If you've played the first game, you have a big idea on what this game is all about. I've been playing it since last week and their not kidding with how hard this game wants you dead. You might think difficulty is a complete turn off, but for this game its the complete opposite. I've died 250+ times in my first play through, with 60+ hours spent, and while I was literally frustrated all throughout, I never had this much fun in an RPG in a long time, and I'm still going at it.

It has so many secrets, interesting bosses, and it's now an open world game. It's controls feel right and the customization of your character is deep. This game will not guide you to success, you'll have to figure it out on your own. The game literally is out to kill you, and the only help it gives you is pretty much those bonfires we're you can rest and do all your leveling. Working on my full review of the game so I won't say much about it. Instead, have a look at its latest trailer for the game.

Should we consider it? - It's really for those hardcore games. It might be too much for the casual since I don't think they want to spend their free time frustrated all night, unless they can take it. It's all about the challenge it brings at the same time it's pvp and co-op aspect is amazing. If you want a good story in your RPG that spends that much in-game time, look elsewhere. The story is there for the sake of just having one. but I'll say this - It may not have a story to 'wow' gamers, but its overall one of the best action RPG's you'll find in shelves today.

Batman: Arkham City - Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Release Date: October 18(NA), October 19(Aus), October 21(EU), PC version will be out a month after the console release. 

Played the first game? great, you know what this sequel will bring then. If you don't, I suggest you pick up the first game and then get this game because this series will definitely be the best title based on a comic book character. Rocksteady just gets how Batman operates in the shadows, how he fights, and why he's just a badass character. The concept of this Batman game during the first game was just perfect, now their going all out with Batman: Arkham City by having a whole city as your playground instead of just an Asylum.

Voice acting is going to be amazing with Kevin Conroy(Batman) and Mark Hamill(Joker) on board. Fans of Batman and its animated shows know how big of a deal this is. The story is going to be just as dark as the first game, and the famous free flow combat system is back showing Batman take down 8 thugs all by himself with ease. It's engineered to being a stealth game and all the gadgets known in the first game will be present with of course new ones for Arkham City. You will also doing some detective work by finding special clues and information to find out specific tasks. They literally make you play as The Batman and show why he's considered "The World's Greatest Detective".

Should we consider it? - I believe anybody will have a blast playing as the Caped Crusader. Batman fans and fans of the first game are definitely looking out for this title. It's said to be quite a lengthy game and there will be challenge maps to test your skills in hand to hand combat. If you're not a fan of Batman, this game might just make you one.

New trailer to celebrate its release is already out for everybody to see.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 - Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Release Date: October 25

Oh I can't wait. Pre-order is all set and I'm just waiting for October 25 to hit. Battlefield 3 needs no introduction. As much as games like this make their single player campaign interesting, this game is all about its multiplayer. Players will be able to assume any role in the battlefield. Be a medic, a pilot of a jet, a gunner in a tank, it's up to you and your squad on how you want to help your team earn that win.  DICE is working on Battlefield 3 and it's now famous game engine with destructible enviroment fits absolutely well with Battlefield 3.

Played the open beta on my Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and they made a grave mistake in releasing an old version of the game, not to mention there's no vehicles to try out. Gamers who tried the open beta is forced to compare Battlefield 3 with old Call of Duty games because it was all infantry battles. Battlefield is all about the whole package: Vehicle combat, air combat, infantry combat, all mixed up into one game. The open beta made people forget that and it's bugs and broken issues is unforgiving for a game to be released in a month.

Should we consider it? - If you want a multiplayer game that you can hope in with some friends, do a couple of games, have fun and call it a night then do it again the next day, this is perfect. This game has the full package: single player campaign, of course multiplayer, and a co-op mode campaign with a friend. FPS fans are going to have a kick out of this game and this game will be around for months to come until the next Battlefield comes around. It won't be a game you'll shelve after a month. With its many roles you can master and the number of unlocks to earn in this game, it will be in your console/pc for months. Multiplayer is said to have 9 maps on launch.

Uncharted 3

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Playstation 3

Release date: November 1, 2011

Nathan Drake is back and is looking better than ever. I consider The Uncharted series a good reason to get a Playstation 3. It's not anymore about Gran Turismo, God of War, or even Final Fantasy. Uncharted is one of the best games to come out for the Playstation 3. Who would have thought a Tomb Raider-ish game with amazing story telling could be this successful. Action sequences from Uncharted feels like it comes straight out of a movie and the characters are instantly likable right from the start.

This is the third title in the series. All your famous characters are back and everybody(including me) is wondering if this third game can top Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Naughty Dog set the bar pretty damn high. If they managed to make Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception an even better game than the second, that will be an amazing feat. If you haven't played the first and second game, its fine. It's a sequel but has a completely different story in each game. Think of it as another episode of Uncharted. If you play Uncharted 3 and like it, you'll definitely get the other two games to get more Uncharted.

Should we consider it? - Definitely. If it will be at the same caliber as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Your going to love it, and even the people watch you play will love it. It's going to be like watching an action movie.  Also a complete package; Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will have Single Player, multiplayer, and co-op play. I was in the closed beta of Uncharted 3's beta and currently trying Uncharted 3's Subway multiplayer access and overall the multiplayer is pretty fun. Just like most multiplayer's nowadays, you can customize your character, pick your loadouts, perks, and even level up and unlock more stuff to use. If you have a Playstation 3, I suggest you ready some money for this game.

Part 2


Uncharted 3 has gone gold!

Uncharted 3 box art Meaning, development is done. All that's left is mass production of the golden copy, ship it, and wait for November 1 to arrive.  Nothing can stop it now. Together with the news of Uncharted 3 finally out of the development stage, they also announced that each copy will include early access to the upcoming public beta of Starhawk, another exclusive title.

Haven't tried Warhawk myself so not really excited for Starhawk, but I'm always open for any early access to a game. You never know, it might turn out in my 'must buy' list when the beta ends. Uncharted 3 will also include four behind the scenes of Naughty Dog hard at work on Uncharted 3 in the disc. Here's the latest in-game video showing its jaw dropping graphics and smooth gameplay. watch it in 720 HD too if you can.

I'm so hyped for this game, currently have early access from Subway and the multiplayer is tons of fun. Can't wait to tackle Nathan Drake's next epic treasure hunt. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is out on November 1, 2011 for Playstation 3.

[Source: Gematsu, Playstation Blog US

Uncharted 3 Beta - So far so good...

Since the release of the Uncharted 3 beta, I've been playing it none stop. Tried out all the game modes currently available for testing and reached the level cap of 25 for the beta. It's a solid beta, the changes done for Uncharted 3 is easily noticeable, showing a broader multiplayer compared to Uncharted 2. Some are great changes while some needs adjustments. Since they have a schedule of rotating other game modes and another map for testing, it's not over yet, but so far so good.

Broader Customization and new interface

When you connect to the beta, you see a better interface compared to uncharted 2's. Customization is bigger now with the option of changing your loadout, changing your character's appearance, creating emblems and which boosters or medal kickbacks to use. The customization may seem bigger, but the weapons, perks and medal kickbacks provided in the beta is currently limited. It's beta, and revealing everything could ruin the surprise on game release i guess.

Aside from the customization, at the bottom, you are given "Uncharted TV". Uncharted TV shows all the Uncharted 3 trailers and gameplay demos currently revealed and an introduction explaining the new stuff in multiplayer. It's a good touch, giving players something to look at while they wait for matchmaking get them into a game. Curious to what will be shown when the full game is released, but I hope its actual multiplayer gameplay from players showing cool kills, just to keep things interesting.

Buddy System

This is one of the best parts of Uncharted 3's multiplayer. If you have a friend in your group, you get paired up with him with the buddy system. The buddy system pretty much gives you the option to spawn right beside your buddy if you die. It's a great feature since it provides a sense of teamwork. you can also see where you buddy is located so that you can regroup with him.

When you kill an enemy with your buddy, a blue icon will appear and if both you and your buddy go beside the dead body and press down on the direction pad, you both do a high-five or a fist bump and earn a medal. it's pretty trippy, and it's a fun way to taunt your enemies.

Paid Boosters

These are an option at the beginning of a match. These are boosters that are supposed to give you an edge on your next match like an extra grenade slot or more bullet penetration, but for a price. These are really expensive and i only bought a paid booster once. The boost only lasts one match so if ever you want the same boost, it will have to cost you again and money isn't easy to come by. It's either the prices are too damn high, or they need to increase how much money we earn after a match. So far, it's a waste to get them.

Power Plays

These are what makes matches interesting. So far it's only seen in Team Deathmatch, but it gives the currently losing team an edge to catch up in kills. The first power play makes one player from the leading team a VIP, if the other team kills him, he is considered 2 kills. Even when he has died, he stays as the VIP until it runs out. If the team is still at the losing end, another Power Play will happen. This time the leading team will be revealed for the losing team which can be a pain. They can see the leading team's names through walls giving their position. And if the team just plain sucks and still doesn't take the lead in kills, you are given one last Power Play.  The last Power Play gives the losing team double damage. If you don't catch up with that, then you really deserve the lose.

The Power Plays keep things interesting and keep the winning team in their toes making sure we keep the lead.  I don't feel it as overpowered since my team was still able to win a lot regardless of them earning power plays. Plus the double damage power play usually happens towards the end, so it get's intense if the other team uses it properly. There is one more Power Play called "Cursed" but they currently took it out for unknown reasons.

Medal Kickbacks

They finally gave a reason to earn those damn medals in Uncharted. Whatever you accomplish, if  it's a double kill, a stealth kill, killing someone on a turret etc. you are awarded a medal for it. If any of you have played Uncharted 2(if you haven't, you should), you'll know what I'm talking about. Well now there's this feature called Medal Kickbacks. earn x amount of medals during the match and your awarded with a kickback reward. The reward can either be 2 RPGs, a cluster grenade which make your one grenade split into multiple grenades or have the ability to disappear out of thin air.

It's a reward to give you an edge in the match. You can only pick one, and this can be changed when customizing your loadout. It's easy to obtain with all the different medals you can earn in a match. The RPG kickback requires 14 medals and while that seems a lot, it's actually easy. The kickbacks can also stack. Meaning, if you already have a kickback ready for use, you can still earn medals for another kickback. If you hold the RPG kickback and earned another 14 medals, you'll have 4 RPGs to wreak havoc.

Dynamic maps

There are only two maps at the moment in Beta, the third one will be introduced in  a few days, but for now were stuck with Airstrip and Chateau.  What's great about Uncharted 3's maps is that during a match, something changes in the map that opens up an area in the map or opens different covers. For example, Airstrip is the perfect example. Midway during the match in this map, an explosion happens bringing down this tower. Th debris of the tower let's us player use it to climb in this area with a turret placement. A place that we didn't have access yet in the start. There's also a wooden hut in the roof that can be used as cover but eventually gets blown up. There's also a plane than goes down and tries to shoot players, but so far I'm still waiting for a player to get killed by it. Because of the crazy life of players in the Beta, it takes a lot to kill one player.

The Airstrip also starts with a chase scene in a cargo plane. It was shown in the multiplayer trailer, with heroes on board the plane  trying to fend off enemies attempting to board the plane before it takes off. it's great, but really short. I'm loving the idea but the length of it is too short for players to fully enjoy that experience. Just adding an extra minute or so will fix this and hopefully they make it longer and add more of that kind of gameplay in the final game.

The Chateau isn't as dynamic as the Airstrip though. There is only one part of the map that changes and that's the inside of the Chateau. Halfway into the match, the second floor walls start burning taking out the walls and floors giving a clear view at players coming from the opposite site. That's about it really. Aside from that, there's also a zip-line that players can use on the second floor to get out of the Chateau fast. Chateau i believe, needs a lot of work still. They need to give something more that just burning walls. Maybe make the whole place burning forcing people outside since most of the fights happen inside.

Game Modes

Game modes are as follows:

Team Deathmatch - This is pretty much your typical TD seen in almost all games with multiplayer. Heroes vs villains, and the first team to reach 50 kills wins the match.

Three Team Deathmatch - This is just like TD but with only 6 players running around. It's 3 teams of two and works well because of the Buddy System. All you need is 15 kills for you team in order to win. Love to taunt dead players with a buddy.

Free For All - I never liked this mode in any game but i guess this is self-explanatory. All you need is 20 kills to be the victor and is a real tester on how well the spawns are, so far the spawning in this game seems decent.

Hardcore - It's exactly like Team Deathmatch. Only difference is, you don't have Medal Kickbacks, powerplays and paid boosters. Just plain old TD.

Cooperative Arena - This is just like Uncharted 2's Co-op Arena. Three players against a wave of enemy NPCs with objectives in each wave. Each round has certain objectives; Survival - tasks you to kill all the enemies, Siege -tasks you have all players in this small position and hold it until captured, and plunder - which tasks players to grab a treasure and put it on a chest while fighting enemies.

These are the current modes available so far but their schedule says that they will be rotation new modes soon.

Known Issues

It's beta, and issues will present itself. Don't hate Naughty Dog just yet, they still have months to fix them. One major issue i hope they address though is the life of each player. It takes too damn much to take one person down. They need to either increase bullet damage or reduce life because Head shots are rare. Like, it needs 2 three burst shots in the head to kill a player.

Because of the ability to sprint, movement doesn't feel that smooth compared to Uncharted 2. It feels clunky for some reason and I'm not the only one to think so too. One of the best part of Uncharted 2 is the fact that everything felt right and smooth. It might be just for beta, but hopefully this isn't the case in the campaign.

Weapons currently available are limited in your loadout, but one weapon is too accurate to the point that all other guns are obsolete. The G-MAL for me is too accurate and overpowered. The AK-47 seems to be nerfed for this game giving it bigger recoil but because of the G-MAL's 3 burst shot, it's becomes easy-mode. What makes the G-MAL even stronger is the accuracy mode that makes it even MORE accurate. There's currently only 4 guns that you can pick for your loadout and so far G-MAL is all i need. balancing is needed.

on July 4, they will introduce Plunder and Co-op Hunter, and Team Objective, so will update this post to what I think about those modes. With that they have shown so far though, I'm more hyped for Uncharted 3. The multiplayer is a lot of fun and i can't wait to experience the final product. Connection seems very solid too, I live in Asia and for some reason connection has been playable. Any other beta players out there? let us know what you think for beta too by leaving a comment.

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Details

Here are some FAQs answered by Naughty Dog regarding the upcoming multiplayer beta of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

When can I start playing? Tuesday, June 28, for all Infamous 2 and current PlayStation Plus members, who all get early access to the Beta.

If you’re not an owner of Infamous 2 or a current PlayStation Plus member, we’re opening the floodgates to the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta for EVERYONE on Monday, July 4.

What time EXACTLY can I start playing? We don’t have an exact time for when the Beta will be available for download from the PSN Stores – keep an eye out on the Naughty Dog Twitter and we’ll update as soon as we know it’s gone live.

Is the Beta available in my region/country? The Beta will be available in all current PSN Store regions, including Korea – except in Japan and the remaining SCE Asia stores.

When does the Beta end? The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta will end on Wednesday, July 13.

What gametypes and maps are available? Throughout the three weeks of the Beta, we’ll be rotating through a variety competitive and co-op gametypes, along with access to three different maps.

June 28 to July 4
Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Three Team Deathmatch, Co-op Arena
Airstrip, Chateau

July 4 to July 8
Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Team Objective, Co-op Hunter
Airstrip, Chateau

July 9 to July 13
Team Deathmatch, Three Team Deathmatch, Co-op Adventure
Airstrip, Yemen

Can you tell me more about a specific gametype or map? They say a picture is worth a thousand words right? So a video is worth at least 24,000 words per second multiplied by… or something. Check out the video below for looks at most, but not all, of the Gametypes, Maps, and options you can experience in the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta.

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Reveal

Co-op Hunter Gameplay - Airstrip Map

Co-op Adventure Gameplay - Syria Map

Chateau Multiplayer Map Flythrough

Airstrip Multiplayer Map Flythrough

Can I upload videos and photos to Facebook or YouTube? No, that functionality is not available during the Beta.Will my Beta progress or unlocks carry over to the final game? No, what happens in the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta stays in the Beta, however we’ve lined up some killer rewards for the retail version of Uncharted 3 if you keep playing in the Beta:

  • Download the Uncharted 3 Beta and receive the exclusive UNCHARTED 3 PSN Beta Tester Avatar!
  • Complete 10 matches in every Gametype of Competitive Multiplayer and receive the Exclusive Beta Decal Pack 1!
  • Complete 5 matches in every Gametype of Co-operative Multiplayer and receive the Exclusive Beta Decal Pack 2!
  • Complete 4 Treasure Sets and receive the Treasure Hunter's Starter Pack!
  • Rank up to level 25 in the Beta and receive a handsome reward of in-game cash on day one!

Is there a level cap in the Beta? Yes, it’s currently set to level 25.

Source: [Naughty Dog Blog]