Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3DS - Jill and Wesker Trailer

It finally happened. The finally learned how to strafe, aim and shoot at the same time. For more than a decade the RE cast ha never walked and aimed at the same time. Now I know that was a design choice but it got annoying after so many games don't you think? Hell, back in the RE5 demo when I was able to strafe w/o having to face left of right was like the greatest thing ever.

Ranting aside, the graphics for this game looks great. Better than what they showed in earlier videos. It even seems to have smoother texturing compared to Wii games and all that in the palm of your hands.

Wesker opts for his Chris Angel powers as opposed to Chris Redfield's Falcon Punches. His campy taunt at 0:29 was hilarious.