E3 2013: Rain Trailer

rain_ps3_01Shown during the Sony press conference, Rain is about an invisible world revealed the falling rain. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, you follow the story of a young boy and girl as they search for answers and try to escape the evil that is also hidden in the rain. rain_ps3_02I know what you're all thinking. This looks so much like Ico which is a good thing. From the camera angles, the young boy and girl, the silent mystery and what looks to be a darker theme than most games makes me very excited for this.

The game is set to launch in fall of 2013 on both the PS3 and PSVita.

Mortal Kombat Rain Story Trailer

The story of this purple ninja is about a tale of betreyal and vengance. A simple story but it's Mortal Kombat, does it really matter? His water attacks are cool and all but they just don't look or even sound fierce. One of his moves is that he blasts you with water but it just sounds like water from the faucet. Water without pressure.

At the end, they show the 3 revealed DLC characters and it looks like there is one more that is yet to be announced.


Mortal Kombat - Rain Trailer

Purple Rain, some stay dry while others feel the pain Purple Rain!

The purple ninja is back and his moves have some moisture to them, now he truly lives up to the name "Rain". I actually thought that he'd only have water moves so I started out a bit disappointed when watching the video until they showed his signature lightning move.

They showed 2 clips from both of his fatalities and one of them has a sort of a Spongebob reference to it. Rain will be available on July 19th for Xbox Live and PSN.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCvtifzYPeI&w=560&h=349]