Datablitz offers pre-order bonus for Battlefield 3

This news is for the people in the Philippines. All EA games for some reason arrive here on time with options of pre- ordering to earn bonuses, Battlefield 3 will have the same treatment. If your planning to get Battlefield 3 on day one, go Pre-order in any Datablitz branch, and you will recieve some interesting goodies. 

When you pre-order in any Datablitz branch, you earn the limited edition of Battlefield 3 which will include 4 battlefield maps - Wake Island, Strike to Karkand, Gulf of Oman, and Sharqi Peninsula.

Since you pre-ordered your copy, you get a Steel Bookcase and the Physical Warfare Pack that includes- Exclusive Type 88 LMG with Bipod, Exclusive Flechette Ammo for DAD-12 Shotgun, Exclusive Flash Suppressor for SKS Sniper Rifle, and Day 1 Access to the DAD-12 Shotgun.

All you have to do to pre-order is head over to any Datablitz branch and cough up a down payment of P1,000 if your going for the PS3 or Xbox 360 copy, or P500 if it's the PC before October 24, 2011. Earn your claim stub and receipt and present them when you head there in October to get your Battlefield 3 copy. Don't keep the stub for long because it will only last from October 25 to  November 13. Just get it on day 1 to be sure.

Going to do my pre-order as soon as I get some free time this weekend. Since a lot of my friends are excited for Battlefield 3, and are mostly PS3, I'll definitely get the PS3 version. Oh the hype!

Batman Arkham City Pre-Order Costumes

Warner Bros. Interactive will be releasing five pre-order costumes for the caped crusader for his newest game, Batman Arkham City. This was revealed by the New Zealand retailer MightyApe and they are as follows.

"from left to right"

  • Batman Beyond, available at MightApe or Gamestop UK
  • The Dark Knight Returns, available in the game’s collector’s edition
  • Earth One, available at MightyApe
  • 1970s Batman, available at Toys R Us and
  • Batman The Animated Series, available at MightyApe
  • Arkham City suit

Pre-order stuff is usually a pain-in-the-ass especially for fans who want all of these costumes but just be patient as they usually release these 'bonuses' as DLC in the near future. But for now..