Batman Arkham City Pre-Order Costumes

Warner Bros. Interactive will be releasing five pre-order costumes for the caped crusader for his newest game, Batman Arkham City. This was revealed by the New Zealand retailer MightyApe and they are as follows.

"from left to right"

  • Batman Beyond, available at MightApe or Gamestop UK
  • The Dark Knight Returns, available in the game’s collector’s edition
  • Earth One, available at MightyApe
  • 1970s Batman, available at Toys R Us and
  • Batman The Animated Series, available at MightyApe
  • Arkham City suit

Pre-order stuff is usually a pain-in-the-ass especially for fans who want all of these costumes but just be patient as they usually release these 'bonuses' as DLC in the near future. But for now..