Gears of War 3: We're All Stranded Now

Good news, Gears of War 3 has finally gone gold people. Mass production of the game is underway. Epic Games celebrated the game a few days ago by cutting cake with a Retro Lancer, at the same time releasing the opening cinematic for Gears of War 3.


I've played Gears of War 1 and 2 with a friends Xbox 360 so I'm up to date with whats happening in the story. Timing is perfect. Now that I have my very own Xbox 360, getting Gears of War 3 when it comes out on Sept 20 is an option now. Can't wait! Only thing that can stop me now from buying this on day one is if it actually get's delayed here in the Philippines. Delay is always a possibility if your planning to get your copy from retail stores. Hopefully this won't be the case for this title.