Play Arts Kai Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

SONY DSC It's finally here. The third figure in my small Play Arts collection, the Play Arts Kai Lightning Returns figure from Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.

I pre-ordered this around 2-3 weeks ago at Datablitz with a down payment of 500php. The figure itself goes for 2,995php and I think it was less 100php when paid with cash.

SONY DSC The box has a nice fold out front flap that closes using Velcro like the previous Lightning figure from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and displays the figure and all of it's accessories. She comes with 2 sets of hands (closed fists and open palms) and an additional hand made for holding her sword "Crimson Blitz". Also included is her "Night Lotus" shield and a Play Arts display base not seen though the window of the box.

SONY DSC There is no instruction sheet included but there are instructions printed on the side of the internal card sleeve which shows how to use the accessories as well as how to assemble the display base.

SONY DSC The sculpt and paint on the figure is superb as is the way of Play Arts figures. She doesn't have the best poseability but has enough to do some fine poses and a few dynamic stances given the range of her hip and ankle articulation. The cloak parts of made of soft PVC plastic so they do not hinder the articulation at all. Her hips, knees and ankles are ratcheted and Lightning can stand on her own in most poses without the assistance of the included stand.

SONY DSC I tend to look for articulation in figures but the silhouette of the Play Arts Kai Lightning Returns figure is just so good that she can look like a badass by simply standing. The cloaks are posed to look like they are swaying in the wind which adds a great effect.


When I picked up my figure at the Datablitz branch in EDSA Shangri-la Plaza mall, I was told that people kept calling in asking about the availability of the figure and that they've also had a lot of people who walked in and wanted to buy it but the clerks said that the only stocks they had was for the people who pre-ordered. So if you didn't pre-order the Play Arts Kai Lightning Returns figure before hand, you may have trouble finding it. Call your nearest Datablitz branch and inquire about the figure before you go, just to be sure.

Oh and here's a size comparison of Lightning next to the Revoltech Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I forgot to tell you guys that I also got that figure.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - "The Divine Task" trailer

lightning-returns-ff13-12 I'm so done with Final Fantasy XIII, but for those that want more out of Lightning and the world of Gran Pulse(What's left of it), a new trailer was just released explaining more about the game's story. It even introduces very familiar faces in previous games. Take a look below.

Lightning is back in the spotlight and is literally tasked by god to save as many people as she before the world ends. You will only get to control just Lightning this time around, making the game play out differently compared to previous games.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out on February 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Just in case you missed it....

If you like what you see and want to throw down some money on it already, pre-ordering with give you this, which is a big treat for hardcore Final Fantasy fans.

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini No. 06 - Lightning

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 13

The night after I got the Squall figure, I looked up what other characters got the chibi treatment. While the other figures are cute and all, none of them really seemed to click for me except for this one figure. You'd think that figure would be Cloud since my first Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy VII. But it wasn't Cloud that stood out for me. It was another Gunblade wielder. The pink haired rule 63 female counterpart of Cloud Strife, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII .

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 01

As with the other figures, the box is pretty standard fare. The same box design with a picture of the character on both sides of the box and a clear window up front where you can see the figure as well as all the accessories that it comes with.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 02

The back shows you the figure in some poses along with the included speech bubbles and sign. You also get a shot of 2 other figures that were released along with Lightning.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 03

Opening the box gives you the figure and it's accessories in a nice clam shell packaging, an instruction sheet and the display base, stand arms, sign clips and the speech bubbles on a plastic sprue. It's too bad that the sprue is on stuck to the red backing via a blister pack. Meaning that you have to rip the red backing to reach the sprue.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 04

Here's Lightning with all her accesories. She comes with her standard clothes from Final Fantasy XIII, an extra right hand holding her Gunblade, an extra paid of hands holding Odin's swords, Odin's horse, 3 extra faces, 2 speech bubbles, the ATB command menu in FF13, a base and various stand arms and clips.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 06

The 1st face, which is on the figure by default has the classic angry Lightning eyes and scowl. The eyes have a bit of a squint on them which is very cool.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 08

The 2nd face shows more cutesy anime eyes with a bit of a smile. Both of Lightning's arms can swivel forward and back. You can also twist the hands for a little variety since they peg into her arms.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 17

The 3rd face is what sold me on this figure. It has these sort of "whatever", "don't care" or sarcasm eyes which I think suits Lightning's character perfectly.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 12

The 4th face is still the blank eyeless face that comes with all the figures where you can draw your own design pretend that she's brooding over something anime style.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 14

To have her riding on Odin's horse, detach her legs which connect via a peg up to her torso. The horse already has a pair of legs attached with a similar peg to connect Lightning's upper half. Essentially you replace her legs, with a pair of legs on a horse. You might this this is cheap because you'd expect them to just have a separate body with the horse and just do a head swap. I say that leg swapping is better alternative because you keep the arm articulation on both legs and the leg swap gives you an added wait twist.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 15

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 16

I still can't read Japanese so I have no clue what the speech bubbles say but it's cool that each figure comes with two. The command menu has a more solid print on it compared to Squall's.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 18

The Lightning figure is from the 2nd wave of the Trading Arts Kai Mini line and doesn't have the issues I had with the Squall figure. Lightning clips on her base easier and nothing was paint stuck. Now the problems I had with Squall may all just be a QA thing and I just got the short end of the stick. Luck of the draw I guess.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the bases can tab into each other.

Lightning Trading Arts Mini 21

Square Enix announces Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The new game in the Final Fantasy XIII franchise is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It was announced at this year's PAX Prime in Seattle, and also in Final Fantasy's 25th celebrations in Shibuya, Tokyo. Lightning, who was absent all throughout  the second game, has the spotlight once again for her final battle. 

The details are a bit scarce at the moment but VG247 reports that there will be more customization with Lightning. There will be a variety of costumes and weapons for the pink-haired heroine. These weapons and costumes, or I guess armor if you will, will also customize her abilities. More mobility for Lightning was also mentioned, giving her the ability to hang off ledges, hide, and take cover. The game will be set on Navus Partus, a set of islands chained together with a monorail used to travel from island to island. Exploration will again be one of the game's main focus and will have tons of NPC to interact with. There will also be a day and night cycle in Lightning Returns.

In a post by IGN, They reveal that Lightning is the only playable character in the third game. With her battling monsters solo, players will have more control over Lightning's movements and attacks. A block system will also be included to make gameplay more active. Lightning Returns is also set hundreds of years after Final Fantasy XII-2.

And last but not the least, a change that, for me, doesn't fit well in a Final Fantasy game - When you start the game, a doomsday clock starts and you only have 13 days until the end of the world. Time is definitely against you and you will have to spend your time wisely. traveling via monorail from island to island will kill time on the doomsday clock, so does certain skills. They haven't gone into detail about this doomsday clock, but this is a big change from what we're used to.

This is the last game for the Final Fantasy XIII saga, Lightning's final battle. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is due for a 2013 release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Any thoughts?

New Final Fantasy XIII announcement coming soon? what?

Apparently Square Enix is not done with Final Fantasy XIII. Future development of Final Fantasy XIII will be announced on September 1 during  a stage show at the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event in Japan. Now this could mean more DLC costumes for XIII-2, or simply Final Fantasy XIII-3. I prefer an announcement for the next Final Fantasy if you ask me.

I have no idea why Square Enix is throwing so much resources into this title. If this announcement actually become a XIII-3 reveal, this would be the first Final Fantasy story turned into a trilogy. Final Fantasy XIII was a disappointment for me. The only thing I got out of playing the first one was how good the gameplay felt. Aside from that, it was a pretty bad game. Then they announced XIII-2 with pokemon features. I couldn't see myself playing it. Sequels don't seem to work for Final Fantasy games, but it looks like Square Enix is pushing it.

The last Final Fantasy that I really enjoyed had to be Final Fantasy X. After that, nothing. I still have high hopes for Square Enix and the Final Fantasy franchise. Their new game engine Luminous Studio that's meant for next-gen consoles seems to be raising the bar yet again in terms of graphics. So I'm eager to see what Square can produce with it.

Now the announcement could be more DLC for XIII-2 in the end, but if it really is another sequel...

Well, what can you do. Just took this opportunity to throw a rant on Square's latest Final Fantasy. We'll have to wait and see on September 1.

Do you wish Final Fantasy XIII-3 to happen?

[Source: Andriasang]