Battlefield 3 - Death By aTool......a Repair Tool

Battlefield 3 is out and just in time too here in the Philippines. Been at it for a while now with Arlie and it's awesome, I also just found an awesome killing montage that I need to do in-game. Just to humiliated all those snipers thinking their safe. Why need a knife when you have a repair tool?

It's just hilarious. Just like in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the repair tool can kill! It was actually a trophy in the previous game and didn't realize until now that it's still deadly in Battlefield 3. This is the first thing I'll do when I get back on multiplayer since I bet this was taken during the beta, let's see if DICE nerfed this deadly weapon.

Multiplayer is all I've been doing since I got my copy, Single Player and Co-op is not why I bought this game. Hows Battlefield 3 for you guys so far?