Video Game Convention and E-Sports Competition happening on November 15-16

535914_303225076528305_4831689951381322478_n (1) A big gaming convention is happening in the Philippines. For two days, the E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) will open its doors on November 15- 16 to feature a series of video game competitions, and showcase video games developed by local game developers. This isn't the typical convention you'd expect in the Philippines, so let's give you all the details shall we? 

The organizers working on this event is the same group bringing us this year's Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF), another big gaming event happening this week on October 25- 26, 2014. For those looking to witness the best players in the Philippines in a specific game, ESGS has a total of nine tournaments happening on the two-day event's stage floor.

The full list featured at the event stage as of October 25,2014 are as follows:

1. eSports League (ESL) Hearthstone Philippine Finals 2. ESL League of Legends Philippine Finals 3. Mineski Pro Gaming League (MPGL) Dota 2 Philippine Finals 4. MPGL Assault Fire Philippine Finals 5. MPGL Dragon Nest Philippine Finals 6. MPGL Ultra Street Fighter 4 Philippine Finals 7. Point Blank Revolution 8. Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm 9. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Pinoy2DFighters, the 2D fighting game community here in the Philippines, will be attending to host tournaments for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. For those looking for some Persona 4 Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold action, PinoyPS got you covered- they will be hosting a tournament during the event.

So there...E-Sports...check! Now, that's not the only thing attendees get to see during ESGS. Local game developers and publishers will have booths all around Halls 3 and 4 of the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia to feature the games they have developed. Other big gaming companies will also have a spot at the event, names such as Garena, Boomzap Entertainment, Asiasoft, Zeenoh and the International Game Developers Association Manila Chapter. So, if you're looking to get your foot into the gaming industry, this would be a perfect place for you to mingle.

Here's the list of developers/publishers as of October 23, 2014 that's confirmed to be at the event:

Quickfire Games - Skillshot Labs - Synergy88 - Zeenoh - Figment Games- AsiaSoft- Gameclub - Garena -

If there's one event you can't miss as a gamer, it will have to be this one. We hardly get a chance to see local game developers come together to show their amazing talent to the local gaming community, and let's not forget the E-Sports scene here, which is vastly growing into a beast that the rest of the world won't be able to ignore. We are excited that an event like this has finally surfaced. They are aiming big - a convention aiming to be in the likes of Tokyo Game Show (TGS), Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), or PAX. If successful, just imagine how ESGS would be for the community in the next few years.

Tickets are now available for purchase at all SM Ticket outlets in all SM Cinemas nationwide. A single ticket will cover only one day of the event and will cost you P150, so that's P300 if you want to fill up your weekend. Tickets are limited, so I suggest you run to your nearest SM (it's right around the corner, I'm sure) to secure your spot at the event floor. If you want more information about the event, or wish to see the latest updates as we get closer to event, head over to ESGS's official Facebook page for more details.


The TMG crew will be working on a full coverage of the event, so that all of you can see every nook and cranny of the first ever ESGS.