E3 2014: Sony Press Conference - Bloodborne, LittleBigPlanet 3, Grim Fandango, Dead Island 2, Uncharted 4, and a lot more

SonyE3 With Sony being the last press conference for Day 0 of E3 2014 and Microsoft releasing a great show, the pressure was on. Did they deliver? We say yes, and what they showed might help keep the momentum they currently have for their PlayStation 4. Here's the rundown of what happened at the show.

Sony starts the show with a lengthy Destiny trailer

Order: 1886 Gameplay Demo

Entwinded announced and now available on PSN for $9.99

inFamous First light, DLC for inFamous Second Son out August 2014

Little Big Planet 3 announced, coming November 3

Project Beast announced - Called Bloodborne, a PS4 Exclusive

FarCry 4 gameplay demo, campaign co-op revealed

Dead Island 2 announced

Magicka 2 announced

Let it Die, Suda 51's new game exclusive to PS4

Director of Journey and Flower brings Abzu, announced for PlayStation

No Man's Sky for PS4 announced

Gameplay footage of Mortal Kombat X. New characters revealed

The Last of Us Remastered out for PS4 on July 29

GTA V for PS4

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End announced. Out 2015.

Quick Mentions

- Destiny Beta starts July 17 for PlayStation users first #E32014

- PS4 users can play the Destiny alpha now!? #E32014 White PS4 Destiny bundle announced, out September 9

-  In LittleBigPlanet 3, all content created from previous games can be played in the new game with improved graphics

- Friends can play Far Cry 4 for co-op even if they don't own a copy of the game.

- Battlefield Hardline PS4 beta access.

- The Last of Us infected heading to Diablo 3.

- PS3 and PS4 gets exclusive content for Destiny.

- Grim Fandago being remastered  for PS4 and PS Vita.

- 95% of PS4 console are connected.

- YouTube going to PS4. Pressing the share button instantly sends your video to your channel. Out later this year.

- Sony pushing free to play games on PS4.

- PlayStation Now service open beta for US and Canda available July 31.

- PlayStation Now available on specific Sony TV. All you need is a Dual Shock controller to use PS Now.

- PS Now beta will have Dead Space 3, God of War Ascension, MGS Ground Zeroes, Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus, and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

- PS3 and PS Vita will be getting PS Now in the future.

- PlayStation TV announced for a western release. Priced at $99.

- Ratchet and Clank movie announced. Out next year.

- Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS4. Xbox 360 and PS3 saves will transfer.

 White PS4 Destiny Bundle has been announced. White PS4 controller, white system, destiny game.

- Disney Infinity is going to have an exclusive PlayStation 4 collector's edition, and exclusive content and Hulk and four unrevealed heroes.

That''s Sony's Press Conference, what do you guys think? A bit draggy towards the end but it's great to see them provide a lot of variety to different gamers. Plus, more exclusives will always be a great thing. The Last Guardian? Not today. It will happen eventually...right?

We will give more of our impressions of what was shown in the press conference in a future post. TMG Podcast's E3 Special will go LIVE next week once all the dust has cleared to go through each announcement and reveals one by one.