E3 2014: EA Press Conference - New Mass Effect, Sims 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield: Hardline


Right after Microsoft's press conference we have EA's press conference, and boy was that hard to watch. We don't expect much from EA, we don't even recall a year that made us appreciate staying up to watch their presentation live. But this time around  we were hoping to be blown away. What's makes this year special? Oh, just the possible reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 gameplay, Mirror's Edge 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition demos, and a strong chance of getting a new Mass Effect game reveal. We did get those games on stage, but only as a developer diary trailer. Bottom line from this press conference - These games are confirmed, and that they are definitely working on them. You could of sent us a memo instead of making a presentation EA.

Star Wars: Battlefront coming Spring 2015

Dragon Age Inquisition demo showing combat

The BioWare E3 2014 trailer

The Sims 4 dev trailer

New UFC game, featuring Bruce Lee available June 17

Madden NFL 15 out August 26

Criterion Games E3 2014 trailer

PGA Tour 2015 with Frostbite 3 Engine, out Spring 2015

Dawngate announced. What is it? EA's MOBA.

New Mirror's Edge

FIFA 15 E3 trailer

Battlefield: Hardline up next.#E32014 32 player match demo

Quick Mentions

- Battlefield: Hardline beta out now

- Bioware Montreal team is working on the new Mass Effect(Mass Effect 4) , while the team in Edmonton is working on completely new IP.

- Criterion Games working on a new action sports game, no name though. First-person multi-vehicle game

This has to be the most disappointing presentation this E3. It really felt like EA didn't really care of making a huge impression for their future games. It was a nice touch to have Battlefield: Hardline beta up and running for all to play the day they announced it, but I think the biggest shocker is the fact that we saw more developers talking about their games than new gameplay footage.

We will give more of our impressions of what was shown in the press conference in a future post. TMG Podcast E3 Special will go LIVE next week once all the dust has cleared to go through each announcement and reveals one by one.