Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer

Murdered-Soul-Suspect-titleI caught this trailer yesterday during a Square Enix live stream right before I went to bed and murder mysteries have always piqued my interest. Ghost detectives are not a new thing but I've rarely seen it done right. A teaser site for this game was put up back in February earlier this year.

The trailer didn't really show how the game would play but lucky for us Gamespot did coverage of it's gameplay. It looks to be a modern day point and click adventure game but the best comparison would be to L.A. Noire's investigation sequences. Instead of interrogation, you look into the memories of the people around you and try to piece together what exactly happened. There are said to be stealth sequences too where you have to avoid or get passed my demons who can end your ghostly life.

I like that you can actually walk through walls instead of having to open doors to get around. You are a ghost after all. Murdered: Soul suspect is set to release on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 sometime next year.