Friendly reminder - The next Xbox will be revealed in three days

next-xbox-reveal-cover Just in case you missed it, Microsoft will be revealing the next Xbox on May 21 10AM PDT. A reveal of a new console is always exciting. PS4 was announced last February, and Nintendo has gone first with the next-gen race with the Wii U that's already available, now Microsoft is up next to show what they got and I'm really hoping it's not some Kinect integrated gimick.


You can get all the information right here, but if you're not up for doing one more click to get the information you need. Here's the important bits.

The event is scheduled to start at 10AM PDT in Redmond. Washington, and it should be around an hour-long. For us folks in the Philippines, 10AM PDT is actually 1AM on a Wednesday, May 22. So if you want to see the big reveal live, have a few more cups of coffee. If you're not in the Philippines, you can just check here to confirm when the event starts for you.

Now anything is up in the air to what the new Xbox will have. One thing is for sure is that it will be just as strong as the PlayStation 4. Will it actually be stronger? Well, I'll let the console fanboys duke it out when its official specs are shown. My worry though is that Microsoft might just integrate Kinect's features to their new console. How will that be, I'm just guessing, but I better not be forced to get a Kinect to fully utilize the console.

I'll be watching the event live on the net and will most likely be tweeting what I see like a madman through our twitter. I'll be updating this post once there are more sites or channels planning to live stream the event.

[UPDATE] - Twitch will have a  -