Xbox Live discounts this week - Symphony of the Night, Scott Pilgrim, X-Men, and more

SotN_360_SS01 Just in case you feel the need to make use of your Xbox 360 HD space, you might want to check out the marketplace  for some cheap downloadable games. These discounts just went live bringing some titles down by 50%

There's a good variety of games that might catch your interest and is dirt cheap for a whole week. If you want to re-visit the classic of Castlevania, you can get Symphony of the Night for 320 MS Points($4), or if you want to go 90s classic arcade, there's the Simpsons Arcade Game, and X-Men. I can still recall playing those classics until my pockets go empty to this day..


This deal of the week will last from today until the 6th.

[source: Major Nelson ]