Recent Buys: Episode 18 - Pre-Ordered DmC

RB18 correct

From the title, you obviously know what the meat and bones of this post is. I pre-ordered DmC: Devil May Cry from Datablitz. As simple as that may sound, there is a little story and reasoning behind it.

Here are the bonuses that come with DmC: Devil May Cry if you chose to pre-order it at Datablitz:

Pre-order bonuses include the following: Limited edition DMC shirt *Cellphone case (Iphone 5, Galaxy S3, or Galaxy Note II) 3 DLCs (Gold, Bone, and Samurai packs) Poster (while supplies last)

*Limited stocks for each case*

So I pre-ordered DmC at Datablitz. But, I pre-ordered the game on the last day of the pre-order which was 1/15/2013, a day before the shipment of DmC arrives. I wasn't really impressed with what the pre-order had to offer. Three forgettable DLCs, a thin white shirt with a nastily done print, a phone case for a phone that I don't even have, and a poster with the words "while supplies last" on the Datablitz Facebook post.

Recent_Buys_18_02 I do enjoy videogame posters so that motivated me to get the game on release. As for the phone case, I picked the Samsung Galaxy S3 case because I thought it had the best design out of all of them, plus it's also a phone that I secretly desire. But I don't own the said phone, I might sell it. Any buyers? The DLC, I redeemed it but I don't think I'll use them.

Recent_Buys_18_05 Here's the final product for this Recent Buys post, I got a crystal case for my PSP-3000. Just a little thing that I found in Japan Home Centre. It doesn't fit perfectly with the PSP but it does it's job. It also has a little stand behind the disc tray cover so that's cool.