Recent Buys: Episode 15 - Of Paper Bags and Absolution

Hitman Absolution Open

After seeing Conan O'Brien's "review" of Hitman: Absolution, I caved in and got myself a copy. Having not played any of the older Hitman games, I don't really know what to expect. I am very tight on cash right now so this purchase went through some deliberation which ultimately ended up with me spending 1850php and getting Hitman: Absolution for the PS3. This is an R3 copy and includes a few DLC redeem codes for Sniper Challenge, Agency Gun Pack, High Teck Pack, High Roller Pack, Public Enemy Pack and the Contracts pass code. I have no idea what the contents of these DLC packs are, I was just excited about the game. Contracts looks to be multiplayer related wherein you create custom missions for other players to download and play online.

paperbag of absolution

Off topic, it looks like Datablitz is going green. I was a little surprised when they put my game into a slim white paper bag as opposed to the yellow plastic bag that I am so used to seeing. I don't mind the change but I will miss the small but tough yellow plastic with the print of different consoles on it. I believe I also saw a few Datablitz eco bags while I was there. They probably give them out if you purchase something big or your purchase reaches a certain amount.

DataBlitz paperbag