Far Cry 3 out now, launch trailer explains everything you need to know

While Far Cry 3 is scheduled for a December 4 release in the US, other countries like Europe, Philippines, and some parts of Asia  get access to this open-world shooter today. Ubisoft just released a launch trailer for the game that not only shows off the positive reception it's getting from critics, but also explains everything you need to know about Far Cry 3.

When you get yourself a copy of Far Cry 3, consider going online and updating your game before trying anything. The official website for the game just posted that a critical day 1 patch is recommended for download to improve game stability and improve performance. You should see the automatic update on your console and PC, but just in case PC players are having issues, you can download the patch yourself here.

Far Cry 3 is now out in the Philippines for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Datablitz has priced the game at P1,895 for PS3 (R3), P1,695 for Xbox 360(NTSC-J), and P1,295 for PC.