DmC DLC lets you play as Vergil

Capcom is at it again with their DLC's. Since Vergil was revealed to appear in the upcoming reboot of Devil May Cry, everybody has been asking Ninja Theory if he will be a playable character. Now this shows up. You actually do get a chance to play as Vergil, but its pre-order DLC. Oh Capcom.

Hours of gameplay?? Man I sure hope so. If it only provides an hour or two of Vergil gameplay, that's going to be disappointing. But I got to say, the Vergil gameplay seems to be in check.

I never liked how Capcom applies their DLC. Gamers anticipating this game that are big fans of Vergil are in a position to either pre-order the game, or cash out more money in order to play the character. Just another attempt from Capcom to take advantage of a beloved franchise. Hopefully I'm wrong on this one, but I have a big feeling that the DLC will actually be included in the disc on launch and downloading the code to unlock the DLC content will be required. Capcom has done this before with Street Fighter X Tekken. DLC characters were found on the disc at game launch and was already fixed and playable. All you need to do was purchase the DLC in order to download the code to unlock the characters (Which was released weeks after).

As shown at the end of the video, the pre-order is for Gamespot (US) and EB Games (Canada). Still no word if DmC will get any pre-order treatment here in the Philippines that will include this DLC, but it's too soon to tell since this game is still a few months away. If it won't be available on release, then the only way to get Vergil's Downfall is to purchase it when it comes out on PSN or Xbox Live.

Ninja Theory's DmC is planned for a January 15 2013 release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.