Planetside 2 gets a release date

Sony Entertainment Online has now given a release date for Planetside 2, a Free-To-Play online shooter. This will actually be considered an MMO because this FPS is about huge scale battles with thousands of players, and again, it's going to be free to play. Get ready to pick one of the three factions, because Planetside 2 hits on November 20.

Planetside 2 aims to provide a true all out war. With thousands of players on a huge map battling on either land or air, it's going to be chaotic real fast.

Here's a good look at Planetside 2 from

What's interesting about Planetside 2 is that there's a lot of roles to pick from to assist in this massive battle. First off, you get to pick a specific class for your soldier. Then there's also vehicles and equipment that lets you be effective against certain units like air vehicles for example.

It's quite a surprise that Planetside 2 is actually going to be on a Free-To-Play model. Thousands of players in one map is not an easy thing to maintain, but the Free-To-Play model has proven itself over and over that it's possible to stay alive with no monthly fee. There will be of course an online shop to buy cosmetic items, but the shop will not be selling weapons or rather items that would give you an advantage. Everything is accessible without spending a cent, but of course there will be items solely for looks that it would be hard to resist.

Will definitely check it out when it hits on November 20.

[Source: Planetside 2 official site]