Datablitz offering free DLC's for each purchase of Dishonored, even to those that have already purchased

Dishonored Got Dishonored this week? Awesome. Was it through Datablitz? Well then, maybe this will interest you. Datablitz just announced that you can get free DLC's when you get a copy of Dishonored on any platform. In addition, customers that have already bought a copy of Dishonored can head back to the same Datablitz branch and claim your free DLC, as long as you still have your receipt that is.

The news was delivered via Datablitz's official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Once you purchase your copy of Dishonored, or went back to claim your DLC's, you get to choose one of the two DLC pack combinations:

Shadow Rat Pack & Acrobatics Pack

-----  OR  ------

Arcane Assassin Pack & Backstreet Butcher Pack

Together with the news, Datablitz apologizes for the delay on the arrival of the free DLC. So If you didn't receive any free DLC for your copy of Dishonored, do yourself a favor, don't forget to visit the same branch you got the game and ask for your free DLC's. Free content is always a good thing.