13 minute gameplay walkthrough video of Far Cry 3's open world

Far Cry 3 will be an open world FPS game, similar to Far Cry 2. Sound awesome right? Well it depends. Far Cry 2's open world felt like a chore to move forward when I played it back in 2008. The feel to explore wasn't there for me, so this was my main concern when I started learning about Far Cry 3, did they improve in that aspect of the game? Check out this video that gives us a good look at Far Cry 3's open world gameplay.

The commentators of this video are Mark Thompson, lead level designer and Jamie Keen, Lead game designer of Far Cry 3.

It's good to see that there will be different kinds of side quests to pick up to give you more incentive to explore. Adding wildlife is also a great new addition, which seems to go well with the game's crafting system. I'm pretty impressed with the game's setting and revealed characters so far, especially Vaas, but my Far Cry 2 playthrough keeps reminding me that I might experience the same issues I had with the game's exploration. So yes, I'm still pretty cautious about this one.

Far Cry 3 comes out on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 29 for Austrailia and in the UK, the US will get the game a few days after on November 4.

[Source: Pixelenemy]