Gotham City Imposters now Free-To-Play on Steam

Gotham Cty Imposters Well this is a surprise. As I was looking through Steam today, I noticed something. Gotham City Imposters' PC has now gone Free-To-Play. Pretty late for the party since this was actually released at the end of Aug. 

If you're what happens when Batman is not around protecting Gotham, apparently this happens. For those who don't know, Gotham City Imposters is a multiplayer-only FPS game that lets you play as either a wannabe Batman protecting Gotham, or a wannabe Joker terrorizing the city.

Sadly the console version still require you to pay up in order to play.

This release felt like a secret. Not only is it not in the featured section of Steam's Free-To-Play, there was no heads from Monolith Productions or even Warner Bros that they were planning to go free on the PC version. The trailer above was actually released on the day the Free-To-Play model hit Steam. In the end, a free game is always a good thing.

Head over to Steam right now if you feel the urge to be a Batman imposter.