Dragon's Dogma expansion announced by Capcom

Capcom just announced a "Major Expansion" to their new open-world RPG. Not much information about this "Major Expansion", but all that was revealed so far is that it will arrive next year for Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. That, and the ability to carry your save file to the expansion. A teaser trailer was also released together with the announcement. Have a look after the jump.

The fact that they are not calling it DLC means this would come out more than a 3 hour added content. That's my guess at this point considering it called a "Major Expansion".

The news does not stop there, Capcom also announced adding two new modes to the original game as free DLC. It will include a speedrun mode that challenges players to finish specific parts of the game in a given time, and Hard mode that, well... makes the game harder.

Looks like Capcom has a lot planned for their new IP. So if I were you, keep your copy of Dragon's Dogma in a safe place for now.

[Source: EuroGamer]