Crysis series and Trine series 75% off on Steam this weekend

It's friday and just in case you're looking for a game to play during the weekend, you should head over to Steam and check at their Spotlight section. For this wekend only, the Crysis franchise and Trine franchise will be 75% off. Each game will be cut by 75% of its regular price and if you haven't got the chance to try any of those games, it's a great time to start now. 

Steam also has a Crysis Collection. With the 75% deduction, the once $79.98 bundle will now only cost you $19.99. If you want to buy it separate, Crysis now costs $4.99, Crysis: Warhead also $4.99, and Crysis 2 - Maximum Editon at $9.99.

The Trine series also has their own bundle that was reduced from $34.99 down to $8.74. The collection also incudes the new DLC Goblin Menace that currently has a 15% off discount(Just came out). Individually, Trine now costs only $2.49, while Trine 2 is at $3.74.

Great deals for two great franchises. The weekend offer ends on Sept 11, Monday, 10AM Pacific Time (Should be around 1PM tuesday PH time) so you have the whole weekend to decide if this deal is worth getting.