You get to play 'house' in Skyrim soon

Bethesda announced the second DLC for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After slaying some dragons and exploring dungeons, it's time to unwind by coming home to your very own home that you built yourself. Building your dream fantasy home is now possible in the Hearthfire DLC, and if you've always wanted a virtual child in a fantasy world, you can adopt a child if that's your thing. Check the trailer below.

It's great that Bethesda is expanding the crafting system. Building and customizing your own house looks great. You can create a small cottage all the way up to a huge house equipped with an armory, alchemy, and pretty much everything a dragonborn needs. , but I have no idea why child adoption was included. Was that really demanded by the community?

As usual, Hearthfire hits Xbox Live first on September 4 for 400 MS points. No word when this will be release on Playstation 3 and PC.