Weekend, what are you playing?

Persona 4

Again, sorry for the lack of a weekend post (and my lack of posting stuff in general lately) last weekend. Post or no post, things have happened and games were still played. So, what are you playing?

Migoy: Been streaming quite a bit this week partly due to the suspension of work and classes due to the heavy rains brought by the monsoon winds here in the Philippines. Lucky for me we didn't experience any power outage or loss of internet so video games were played. With my personal excitement for Persona 4 Arena, the new fighting game by Arc System Works (the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue guys), I decided to get a copy of Persona 4 for the PS2. Back when I just got a PS2, Persona 4 was released shortly after. I started hearing a lot of good things about it but thought that it was a series so I got Persona 3 FES first instead of 4. Since 4 has a different set of characters and a new storyline, not knowing the characters in P4A wouldn't make it as fun so me and my cousin booted up Persona 4 and are around around 13 hours deep (maybe 15 or so hours all in all if you count the game overs). Aside from that I played a bit of Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting for the SNES using an emulator so that I could use my arcade stick and man, the AI in that game is pretty tough which made winning feel a whole lot more rewarding.

Dead Space 2

Quash: Last Tuesday I was able to trade-off my Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta on Steam's game trading forums. I already had access to the beta and for some reason I had an extra one, so I decided to get a game for it. Dead Space 2 was the only offer that caught my eye. I've always wanted to play Dead Space 2 but never bothered getting a copy, that's why when it was offered to me, I took it in a heartbeat. CS:GO beta's value is around $5-$10, and Dead Space 2 is around the same value in the trading forums, so in terms of value - I wasn't ripped off. Plus, CS:Go is coming out in a few weeks so its perfect timing to let it go.

I just started yesterday and it's worth the trade. The eerie atmosphere and the feeling of isolation is why I love Dead Space. I'm a few chapters in and  so far nothing much changed in terms of gameplay. I did try some multiplayer matches though, and right off the bat I consider it a waste of time. I'm surprised people still play this multiplayer to be honest. Will continue again later tonight because game's like this must be played at night.