Hawken reviving Mech combat gameplay

Hawken game Hawken is an upcoming multiplayer mech combat game. I wasn't aware of this game up until now and what got me interested is that this is the game that's trying to bring MechWarrior type of games back to the light. Hawken was revealed on March 9, 2011 and later announced the game being Free-To-Play. Today, they just released a trailer for Hawken's Web-Series that's planned to be aired next year. Take a look.

Hawken Web-Series Trailer

With this being a Web-Series and all, the mech visuals are pretty decent. Trailer shows that the story seems to revolve around this Hawken virus, plus we get an idea of the characters in the show. I can't wait for the series. Web-Series as a whole is starting to take flight over the net and just from what we saw in this trailer, budget has gone higher. We'll be seeing more and more series' like this and I can't wait for time when there's a huge lists of Web-Series to watch in the net. The internet is definitely killing TV slowly.

But enough of the series, let's take about the game itself. Why I'm most excited for Hawken is because of the game's fast pace. The game looks intense and usually mech gameplay is slow and  sluggish. It will be purely a multiplayer game with the usual game modes like team deathmatch free for all deathmatch and a couple more modes. The game will have a total of eight maps on release and will include more in the future. The game's developer, Adhesive Games is an independent studio that's been working on this game for years.

Hawken Gameplay

Closed beta will start soon so if your interested, you can apply and hope to get in. Check the official site for more details here. Hawken will be out on December 12, 2012 for the PC.