Dragon's Dogma sequel will happen, first details by creator

Dragon's Dogma Golem Capcom's newest title Dragon's Dogma was a success, success to the point that it earned enough to be granted a sequel. The open-world RPG set a first week sales record in Japan and shipped more than 1 million copies globally. For Capcom, that was enough to consider Dragon's Dogma a major franchise. Development for Dragon's Dogma 2 has started and the created spilled some details for the sequel.

Speaking to Japanese magazine Famitsu, the Dragon's Dogma creator Hideaki Itsuno says that the game world in Dragon's Dogma is only 2/3's of what he had planned for the game. Only 60% to 70% if his ideas were added to Dragon's Dogma. Meaning - there's a lot of extra content to use for the sequel.  He was also planning a quest creator for players to make their own content.

Quest creation is always good, but I'm more excited on the how big the world will be for the sequel. Dragon's Dogma has proved it's worth to Capcom. Since the first was only 2/3's of what they were planning, I'm positive we'll be seeing a sequel that's double the size of the first.

If you're thinking that more than 1 million copies shipped globally was small, then your right. But it's that hard for brand new titles to even hit the 1 million mark, especially in just a few months. Hearing talks of a sequel this early shows the game's success.

What did you guys think of Dragon's Dogma? I think the game's great, and the pawn system is sheer genius. Working on the review now so I'll have my thoughts posted soon.

[Source: OPM UK]