Recent Buys: Episode 10 - Kaioken x320gig!


My cousin just came back from America where he got a summer job so he hella rich at the moment. And with that cash we took a quick trip to Greenhills and basically burned it all in less than an hour. Mostly at just the one shop. bud's ps3 02

He went and got a metallic red 320gig PlayStation 3 Slim. We got it for 12800php (cash price) at Mr. Dynamic, the same place where I got Ziggy. Along with that he got Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at the same shop for 1300php (cash price) and a 2nd PS3 Dual-Shock3 controller for 1800php (cash price).

We wanted to test out UMvC3 first so the game installed itself after popping the disc in so while waiting we went around GH. I spotted the D-Arts Zero Type-2 and my cousin told me that he owed me a birthday gift so he paid for most of the cost of the figure and I got myself both X and Zero, awesome stuff. Thanks Bud!

BFFs for life

After we returned for the PS3 and packed it up, a dude saw what we were carrying and call out "sir, 2nd-hand PS3 games?" and I thought to myself "hmm.. why not look at their wares". I saw that they had a copy of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

damn you DIMPS

I've been looking for this game for quite some time. I've been meaning to get that, Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 and then finally Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. I've seen Raging Blast 2 in Datablitz so that can wait and the only copies of Ultimate Tenkaichi I've seen are R1 copies so they be hella expensive. Burst limit is the only I haven't encountered till yesterday so I got the dan thing for 500php. It didn't come with the manual and the case looks to be a bit yellowed from sun exposure but the disc was still fine and runs like a charm. The game is far from perfect though and maybe I'll get to that next time.