E3 2012: Dead Island: Riptide announced, already priced

Dead Island: Riptide During E3 2012, Deep Silver released a surprise announcement of a new Dead Island game. Whether you hate it or not, a new game is being developed and its an entirely new game. Aside from it being announced, online retailers have given a legit price point for the game. With no screenshots or any information about Riptide, the game will cost $50. 

With the lowered price point, people wondered why that is. Apparently, when asked about the lowered price, a Deep Silver employee confirmed by saying:

“That’s not a placeholder :) that’s the real price! It’s the end of a console cycle- we think this price makes a lot more sense given that :)”


With that said, not only does this confirms the games price point, it also confirms that next generation console are not far away. Sony and Microsoft are obviously not talking about next generation yet, but it's definitely coming and I predict announcements sometime around next year. Nintendo has already kicked off the next generation of consoles with the Wii U. The presentation for the new console is still pretty underwhelming after two E3 presentations about it, but if I remember correctly, Sony didn't have a great start with the reveal of the Playstation 3 too, so we'll see how it all turns out. But from where the Wii U stands at this point, I can honestly say it's still not worth the purchase. Nintendo has yet to impress me.

[Source: Ripten]