Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut releases on June 26

ME 3 Extended Cut DLC SPOILER ALERT! - Will contant spoilers to Mass Effect 3's ending, you've been warned. Just a friendly reminder for all those people who raged so hard when they saw the ending of Mass Effect 3, the Extended Cut DLC that pretty much adds additional cut scenes and cinematic sequences to the ending of the game will be released on June 26 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC at no additional cost. If you still care about getting more closure in Mass Effect 3, then I suggest you prepare your save game for next week.

You complained and they actually listened. The additional cut scenes and sequences will give you a bit more closure at the same time show the impact of the choices you made in the game.

Below is an interview with producer Casey Hudson, and lead writer Mac Walters as they discussing the additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes.

I was perfectly fine with Mass Effect 3's ending. I had a lot of questions but I like the fact that we don't have a clear picture on the state after the reaper invasion, if Shepard survived, and what happened to the races and Shepard's crew. It made my mind wander of the possibilities on the state of the universe. I have a huge feeling though that the Extended Cut might still not be enough to satisfy the fans, they always want more.

To get the Extended Cut, Bioware suggests you load your file right before you infiltrate the Cerberus base. I'll be revisiting my Mass Effect 3 save file in preparation for this Extended Cut DLC, because I have no idea if I even have a save before the Cerberus base.