Weekend, what are you playing?

Ok wow, one more week and its the end of June? This month definitely went by so fast. Third weekend of June and I'm finally playing something different now. How about you? What games have you spent your free time on?

Quash: Funny story - I once bought Diablo 3 and when the Real Money Auction House came out, I was able earn enough money selling gear to get back the money I spent on the game. And just like any crazy gamer, I bought yet another game that I wasn't planning to get anytime soon.

Dragon's Dogma took most of my free time this weekend and its great. Its like Shadow of Colossus meets Skyrim in such a good way. I'm 15 hours in so far and its fun exploring the world getting ambushed by Cyclops hiding behind rocks. My only problems at the moment is that I get these weird frame rate drops that comes and goes. Got me thinking, is my 4-year old having a hard time now, or is it just the game? I researched about Dragon's Dogma having Frame rate issues and it isn't common at all. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse as I progress through this game.

Migoy: I unlocked all the characters in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit which ain't all that much but Z-Chronicles is just so boring that every single fight felt so tedious. Finally got to play Battlefield 3 with my friends and even though I am completely n00b it was good fun. Took me forever to learn that the 1-hit kill with the knife is done by HOLDING R2. The whole time I thought just slashing them once was enough ala CoD style. I forget that there are destructible environments in BF3 and sometimes get bewildered when the wall I'm hiding behind just crumbles away exposing me to all the raining bullets that followed.