A bigger and possibly better 3DS has been announced by Nintendo

Nintendo 3DS XL If you were planning to get a 3DS, I suggest you wait a few months. During Nintendo's direct video, the company announced a new 3DS that's literally a bigger version of the handheld. What you're getting out of this new 3DS is a bigger top screen and bottom screen. That and longer battery life. In Japan, the new 3DS will be called the Nintendo 3DS LL, but when it gets released in North America and other parts of the world, Nintendo XL. Yea, have no idea why they could have called it XL for both. 

3DS comparison

The bigger screens are said to be 90% larger than the old 3DS. The top screen will be 4.88 inches while the bottom screen will be at 4.18 inches. An adapter sadly will not be included because they say it is compatible with the 3DS and DSi XL adapter. Still Nintendo, assume people who haven't bought your hardware exist please.

Japan gets first dibs as usual. The Nintendo 3DS LL/XL will be available in Japan on July 28 for ¥18,900 (PHP10,006.23). For the North American release of the 3DS LL/XL, it has also been announced and will be available on August 19 for $199.99 (PHP 8199.59).

Does a bigger screen and longer battery life a strong enough incentive to get a new piece of hardware? The Nintendo DSi XL did do well. All I thought about when I heard about the announcement is that turning on the 3D will definitely strain your eyes faster thus not having battery life issues since I'll actually stop using the device, and making the screen bigger might just give me a headache. Just my two cents.

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