Weekend, what are you playing?

efficient With it being the first week of Diablo III's release, I can pretty much guess what most of you (if not all) are playing but nonetheless if you have an epic story to share from you demon slaying or world saving adventures, share them here.

xtreme vasas

Migoy: Tried out Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS. on the PS3 and boy does it feel different compared to it's previous iteration Mobile Suit Gundam vs. Gundam Next Plus. Sure the fundamentals are basically the same if you've spent a significant amount of time in any fighting game, you'd be able to pick out the differences in each iteration. If I were to put it simply, the timing on moves and dash cancels is tighter, boost seems to drain faster, moves have been replaced / reshuffled, same goes for the roster. They've also brought back a mechanic that was present in the PS2 and PSP Gundam VS. games Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Rengou vs Z.A.F.T. (back then it was called SEED mode) where you get a speed and slight power boost as well as replenishing you boost meter and all your ammo. Assists have also been removed nd that took a little getting used too. I am loving the game so far and will definitely paly more of it. It feels like a completely different game that I need to learn from the start.

Planning to play a bit more of Skullgirls since I just the full version of it on PSN. If the fighting games tire me out there are still a bunch of JRPGs that I need to tackle. Namely Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts.

Quash: Oh god, I was literally off the grid thanks to you know what. Diablo 3 is great and just as addicting as it's predecessors. My first playthrough took me 15 hours since I was looking at every dungeon, exploring every part of the map, listening to the books I find and talking to the characters in the game. Pretty much taking all that Diablo 3 has to offer. The game has good length. But normal was too easy for my taste, so now I'm aiming to reach the hardest difficulty which is Inferno. Currently on Act 2 Nightmare and is still not giving me any sort of challenge for my Demon Hunter.

I don't see myself shelving this game anytime soon too. Just like the old Diablo games, I have this urge to try other characters and find the best loot. So far my biggest issue with Blizzard's latest game is that it's online. I play alone or with a friend, it doesn't matter. Lag will always be around to piss me off.