E3 2012 Tomb Raider teaser trailer

The Tomb Raider reboot may have been  pushed back to 2013, but Square Enix is definitely going to showcase the game in E3 next month. Game Trailers, just like last year, will be  having a pre-E3 show blasting us tons of E3 exclusives to get us all hyped for this year's E3, and to start things off they have a Tomb Raider trailer to reveal next thursday(May 31) with actual gameplay. To get us all excited, they released a 30 second tease showing what to expect in the full trailer.

I'm liking where Crystal Dynamic is taking the Tomb Raider series. The setting, the game's concept of survival, and the change in Lara Croft in general. But actual gameplay footage is still rare. Gameplay demo of Tomb Raider was featured in last year's E3 showing gameplay for the first time, but wasn't enough to give you an idea on what you'll be doing throughout the whole game. The game is all about Lara Croft surviving and of course combat, which we still have not seen. So hopefully the trailer next week will fill that void.

Tomb Raider was pushed back to early 2013