Weekend, what are you playing?

Diablo 3 in Inferno It's the last week of May. A couple of great titles were released this month, but I'm still invested in one particular game that had the most attention this month. Are you in the same boat as me or did you guys have a completely different weekend? If you did then good for you. So go ahead, tell us what you've been playing this weekend.

Quash: The image above pretty much sums up my weekend really. My Demon Hunter is now level 60 and in Act 2 on Inferno Difficulty. Inferno is definitely a challenge. Better level 60 gear and more awareness is key. Currently farming gear in Act 1 because Act 2 is still not doable with my current gear. I'm getting one shot by bugs the size of my crossbow. Not cool. So I'm doing the Act 1 boss over and over again. Might not sound fun for some, but for some reason, I'm getting a kick out of this farming method.


Migoy: Got a new microphone for my broadcasting setup and since I got a Skycable broadband setup I had to put it to the test first. For testing out my new mic and net for streaming I played Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 because again that game can give children seizures with it's fast moving images and flashing brightlights which makes it a perfect guinea pig. From what I can tell the mic is and the setting I have for the stream seem to work out fine. The only problem being my net (or possibly the router) acting up and disconnecting me from time to time.

However, before I started doing tests for the stream I also tried out online gaming with my Skycable broadband. The game in question was Street Fighter x Tekken. I'm using my HongKong PSN account since the region of my game is R3 and with it's DLC being region locked it is appropriate that I used my Asia account. Got a few yellow bar connections which worked really well. SFxT's netcode is amazing. Sure I got a few cheap sweeps in but you can hardly feel the input lag well compared to Super Street Fighter IV and especially UMvC3.

I will try to stream again later tonight and maybe continue my very early gameplay of Final Fantasy XIII so that I can shut-off my brain and just run through straight and narrow corridors in that game.