Lost Planet 3 revealed at Captivate 2012

Lost Planet 3 Quite surprised with this announcement at Capcom's Captivate 2012. A third game in the Lost Planet series? What's even worse is that it's not really Capcom working on the third game. Sparks Unlimited is the name of Lost Planet 3's developer and their latest(and only) games in their belt is Legendary and Turning Point which aren't good games to begin with from what I remember. Anyways feast your eyes at this cinematic trailer.

Not that much information about this game aside from the early 2013 release date and that Sparks Unlimited is in charge of this title. It seems like Capcom likes sending their franchises over to other devs nowadays. They have sent Devil May Cry to Ninja Theory's way and even gave a Resident Evil title to Six Slant Games.

Excited about this title? I lost faith thanks to Lost Planet 2, but it all depends if it gives the third title a whole different feel.