Game's out this week - Asura's Wrath, Syndicate

Asura's Wrath Two games are out this week in the Philippines, and on time with the rest of the world too. The over the top Dragon Ball-ish game called Asura's Wrath and Syndicate; a remake of the classic game that was one a real-time tactical game now turned into a typical FPS. If these games are up your alley, go ahead and check your favorite game store. Reviews are also out so have a look-see to what critics have to say.

Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath

I've tried the demo and got the impression that your going to spend most of your time watching that playing. With all the reviews I've been reading, that seems to be the case with Asura's Wrath. The game looks amazing,but the lack of content is shying me away from this title. Some local stores are pricing the game at P 1,890 for both Xbox 360 and PS3. take note that this game only needs around 6 hours to beat from what I'm reading and might have weak replay value.

Gameinformer - 8.5/10

IGN -  7.5/10

Destructoid - 5/10

New Syndicate game


Yet another FPS title. I also got the chance to try the demo but it was only for the coop part of the game. Even  with all the progression and upgrades given, the coop came out dull for me. You really only have 9 stages to make use of all those upgrades. The single player is definitely the selling point in the game, with coop just adding extra meat to the title. If you like the cyber punk setting, you might get a trip on this game all about corporate espionage and whatnot. Plus you get the ability to hack into someones brain and force him to commit suicide, that should be fun. The game is being priced here in the Philippines for around php 1,995 for the PS3 and  Xbox 360 with the PC being cheaper at php 1,295.

Gametrailers - 8.2/10

Joystiq - 4/5

Destructoid - 6/10

Gameinformer - 8/10

Gamesradar - 7/10

If you find any more review, do share in the comments.