Dragon's Dogma dated, game comes with an RE 6 demo

Dragon's DogmaCapcom has confirmed a release date for their open world RPG Dragon's Dogma. They also dumped a huge incentive to purchase the game. It will include a redeemable token to download a playable demo of Resident Evil 6. Also, the demo will be accessible 60 days earlier  on Xbox Live. What a way to help a new title Capcom.

The demo will be available on July 3 on Xbox Live, while in PSN it will be available on Sept. 4 in North America and Japan and Sept. 5 for Europe.

The new trailer for Dragon's Dogma also reveals its release date and the Resident Evil 6 demo.

Putting a playable RE 6 demo code in each copy just placed this game in the spotlight. Hopefully it comes as a great game in the end and not just something to buy just for the demo.